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Representative Assignments

Analysis of the education market K-12

Identifying venture capital firms interested in the medical device industry

Interviewing technology coordinators in suburban school districts about their Internet needs

Organizing and obtaining speakers for a major spa and resort tradeshow

Tracking trends of tweens and teens

Identifying regional destination hospitals

Successful promotional programs for children’s health insurance re-enrollment

Customer service practices for major consumer electronic firms

Developing a new snack line to be marketed to schools and daycare centers

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Interviewing movers and shakers in the beverage and restaurant industries for repositioning a major champagne

Website content for an event planning company and a women’s health center

Online apparel market, the collectibles market, the market for distance learning, gambling, science toys, home safety products, women and financial services, the catalog market

Updating all HR industry segments for an international outplacement firm including: management consulting, employee benefits, human capital management, drug testing, relocation and expatriates, etc.

History of TV game shows for law firm involved with a game show developer

Comparing companies on the 1975 Fortune 500 list with those on the 2000 Fortune 500 list and determining why they are on or off