What Clients Say About Us
A Word To The Contract-Weary

What Clients Say About Us

“Your folks did an absolutely fantastic job finding the right types of material. I am so excited.”
(referring to an assignment on management of supply chains for hospitals and other healthcare facilities)

“There is no one who is such a source of knowledge and nose to the grindstone hard worker.”
(referring to numerous research assignments completed for a larger information consulting firm)

“I remember your work ethic and had not one bit of hesitation in recommending you for this consulting job.”
(toy company executive referring to an assignment to keep them up to date on social trends with teens and tweens)

“You’re a godsend. Have I mentioned that lately?”
(from a corporate information center client in need of periodic backup for business reference questions)

“The information on build out costs was excellent and very helpful.”
(from a client considering expanding her online pet business to traditional retail)

“Thanks for your help in getting a little “truth” into the business world.”
(from an advertising executive writing a book on change in big corporations)

“You are the best researcher in the Western Hemisphere.”
(from the Director of Research of one of the largest media companies in the U.S.)

“Mike loved your latest report and I was already convinced. It was truly an amazing body of work.”
(from the head of marketing for a new consumer electronic gadget targeting the college market)

“I received your package. As always, excellent materials.”
(from an attorney in need of information for an appraiser)

“Best focused and most insightful information person I have ever worked with.”
(VP of Research, major publishing company)

“I wanted you to know the experts you found for us for the project were excellent.”
(President of consumer Ideation Company specializing in unique focus groups)

“I’m glad we found you. Your work is amazing.”
(freelance advertising executive)

“I’ve been using a freelance researcher who I think is outstanding. Her company is called The Woodmont Group. Barbara is a bright, versatile, incredibly responsive and creative researcher. In addition, she is a polished professional who I’d trust with my clients, coworkers, or customers any time. She’s been doing freelance business research for us for years and I recommend her highly.”
(VP of Information for one of the largest outplacement and HR firms in the world)

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